Strong Abs – The Importance of Core Strength

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abs womenExtensive evidence and research have proven that physical activity helps prevent illness and promote health. Core strength has, over the years, gained renown due to its accompanying attractive features.

However, besides a beach-ready body and bragging rights, a sturdy core carries innumerable benefits to one’s overall health.

The abdominal muscles act as a central link between the upper and lower body. As so every physical movement originates in or moves through the core.

The core comprises three sheaths of muscles: upper abs, obliques also known as side muscles and deep layer of muscle.  For more information about Training your core check out Naturally Amazing Abs.

Some of the benefits of strong abdominal muscles include:

An upright and confident posture

A firm core trims the body’s silhouette and enables one to walk, stand and express themselves with confidence while maintaining correct posture. A tall, erect posture oozes strength and renders the impression that one has a purpose and is in control of their life. A slumped posture makes one look weak, defeated and purposeless.

The abs attach to the spinal cord and pelvis thus helping to balance the back and provide an erect posture. The abs also lessen wear and tear on the spinal cord. Sitting, standing and walking in an upright posture is always a conscious effort. However to maintain an erect posture you’ll need stout, resilient abdominal and back muscles.

Correct posture incorporates a slight inward curve in the back, head straight and facing forward with ears directly over the shoulders. Good posture boosts deep breathing and fast circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. Slumped posture is as a consequence of weak support from the abdominal and back muscles that more often than not leads to back pain and even severe back injury.

Balance and stability

Well-balanced and resilient core muscles stabilize the body, hence enabling movement in any and all directions without losing balance. The body’s center of gravity is the cornerstone for body balance.

This center of gravity is located in the sacrum, found in the abdominal region, below the belly button.  The lower portion of the ab muscles will benefit from a variety of lower ab workouts.

Activities such as running, jumping, skiing, biking, and skating are quite difficult in terms of maintaining balance. However, strong abdominal muscles elevate one’s ability to maintain balance and lessen the risk of falling.

Back PainA healthy back

Well-adjusted, sturdy core muscles aid a great deal in preventing back pain. How’s that? Well, hardy abdominal muscles serve to sustain an erect posture. An upright posture then helps avoid lower back pain. Misalignment and overuse of the back muscles may induce serious back injury. However, a rock-solid core center prevents the misalignment of the back muscles hence protects it against injury and pain.

Most movements start at the core-center and moves outward to the other parts of the body. Therefore, a strong back and core are relied upon for activities such as bending over, arching, rotating the spine, kicking and even swinging the arm. Medical and fitness professionals understand that a solid core renders the foundation for overall fitness. Therefore, a regimen of back and core strengthening exercises is often prescribed to relieve back pain and lessen proneness to back injury.

Simple everyday actions

Daily essential activities such as bathing, dressing, standing still, sitting in a chair, bending, walking, jumping, running, driving, all rely on the core for fulfillment. A weak and frail core will cause pain and difficulty when performing these elementary deeds.

Some tasks such as sitting at a desk for extended periods of time ceaselessly engage the core and ensue in stiff and sore back muscles. Thus, it’s crucial to take sufficient breaks and practice correct posture in such a situation.

Proper Form Maintenance

Activities such as skating, running, biking, rowing, and performing stunts require a proper form to execute. An active set of abdominal muscles is necessary for maintaining proper form. Sloppy form leads to wasted energy. The most appropriate form is that which provides the most efficient use of the limited energy reserves. A sturdy core ensures one doesn’t rock from side to side; flail, scamper, or compromise form, hence prevents unnecessary loss of energy.

Protects the Inner Organs and the Spine

Holistic health and healthy living ensures that the vital organs and systems below the body surface are always cared for and protected. Most of these vital organs, the most important veins, and arteries, the central nervous system, are based around the core. A well-balanced, resolute core ensures every one of these systems is protected as you carry on through your daily activities.

For example, a spine that’s under constant pressure and is not sufficiently protected due to a weak core will tend to impact movement, cause back pain; therefore, affecting the quality of one’s life.

Twist SitupsChanneling energy through the body

Athletes of all sorts rely on different sets of muscle from the entire body to effect their movements. For example, a pitcher requires strong arms and arm muscles. However, the back and legs hold larger and stronger muscles than the arms. The pitcher needs the energy from the lower body to be channeled to his arms. How so? Through the core muscles, the energy and power of the lower body can be directed to the upper body and vice versa.

Tapping energy from all over the body via the abdominal muscles enables athletes to elevate their performance.

Sexual activity

Though less mentioned, sexual activity is vital nonetheless. Core power and flexibility are quite significant and requisite for sensual, sexual activity.

Turning heads on the beach

A strong, healthy body and core not only enable you to look great in that bikini but also makes you feel great too. A healthy, fit body boosts confidence and self-esteem that tilts the quality of one’s life on the positive side. Confidence and self-esteem are valuable for anyone who seeks happiness and health in their life.

Proper abdominal workouts should always target the front and back side of the abdominal region. This area includes the erector spinae (muscles that make the back) and glutes. You should also seek to concentrate on building core stability at the start before later performing exercises for core strength. All in all a strong core, though attractive, is also healthy.