Ab Workout Routine

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Ab WorkoutThere are a lot of companies out there that want you to believe uncovering six pack abs is a nearly impossible dream. They do this so they can encourage you to buy their products, programs, or supplements. There are also those companies that promise they can help you build your dream body in a matter of days or weeks. Whatever seeds of truth are in these claims has been covered by layers of greed.

In truth, sculpting six pack abs isn’t going to be extremely easy. It’s not something you do in the course of a month. However, it’s not so impossibly difficult that you need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment.

An example ab workout routine that anyone can perform without expensive equipment is entirely possible. Remember, people had great abs and strong cores long before the internet or DVD players existed.

We’re going to cover an example ab workout routine that anyone can perform at home. First though, let’s look at what else you need to do to strengthen and uncover those abs excluding the primary workout routine.

Shedding The Belly Fat

First and foremost, you need to get rid of the belly fat. This is why they say you can’t “crunch” your way to a visible six pack. Even if there was a fully defined abdominal region there it won’t look nice if it’s hidden beneath a layer of fat.

This is the problem most people face. Shedding belly fat is some of the hardest fat to get rid of and some of the first to come back when you stop living a healthy lifestyle. Cardiovascular exercise is the key to removing this unwanted fat.

It’s safe to go ahead and start your example ab workout routine, but in between days you should focusing on hardcore cardio workouts. The more intense the workout, the better your results will be. You need the best exercise program for women and men that you can find to shed the excess pounds.

A Healthy Diet

Building a strong, visible abdominal region may be more about dieting than it is exercise. The exercises are simple enough, but avoiding temptation and eating healthy every day can be pretty tough. Not only do you need to avoid foods that will cause you to put on more fat, but you also need to add high-protein sources to your diet to assist in muscle development. Your sources of protein will usually be your sources of fat in your diet as well.

The Mighty Plank

The plank is the holy grail of abdomen exercises. It isn’t necessarily the most fun exercise, but it requires no equipment and helps build ripped abdominal muscles in an efficient manner. Furthermore, it’s also strengthening other parts of the body at the same time. Your lower back and shoulders both benefit from proper plank position.

To perform a plank all you need to do is assume a push-up position, but then bend your elbows with your arms facing forward at ninety degree angles. Rest the entirety of your body weight on your forearms and make sure your elbows are positioned directly beneath your shoulders.

Your entire body should be straight and pointing ahead like a line with your head facing forward. Simply hold this position for one or two minutes and you’ve performed a plank. The longer you can hold this position the more your body will benefit. If you’re new, start with one minute intervals and increase the time as you become more comfortable with the exercise.

The Bicycle Crunch

The crunch is a decent exercise for building abdominal muscles and one most people at least performed at school, but it could be better. The bicycle crunch is far more efficient variation of the crunch that will help deliver the results you want to see.

Start by assuming the standard crunch position. Lie on the floor on your back and place both hands behind your head. Your legs should be off the ground at ninety degree angles. Extend one leg as you bring the other to meet the opposite elbow. For example, bring your right elbow and your left knee together and then repeat with the opposite side. It is a similar motion to that of riding a bicycle, hence the name.

Mix It Up

There are many more variations of the crunch and plank that will greatly benefit your at-home abdomen workout routine. Even these two exercises alone will be enough to deliver powerful abs when combined with regular cardio and a healthy diet.

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