Diabetes Prevention With Exercise

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Diabetes WordsResearch Confirms Diabetes Prevention With Exercise Is Real.

It is estimated that almost 80 million people in US have pre-diabetes which means they are likely to develop diabetes in the future if they do not take steps to prevent it. Many new research studies have reported that diabetes prevention with exercises is possible.

In fact, some research studies have also reported that diabetes sufferers who engage in moderate intensity exercise program on a regular basis show significant improvement in health. These exercise programs resulted in decreased fat around the heart, liver and in the abdomen, all of which are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Most of the deaths in people suffering from type II diabetes occur due to heart disease. It is also estimated that close to 65% of diabetes sufferers die due to stroke or other form of heart disease.

These research studies have also reported that one does not need to engage in exercise for long hours to get this benefit. In fact, one research study reported that 4 to 6 hours of mild physical activity in a week provided significant health improvement. Also, physical activity alone can lead to improvement in health without making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

How Can Exercise Prevent Diabetes?

They are a number of different exercises you can do to prevent the risk of developing this debilitating disease. In fact, you may also reverse the disease if you exercise on a regular basis.

It is important that you consult your doctor for a full medical examination before you begin any regular exercise program to ensure that your body is able to withstand the stress of exercise. Regular exercise helps in better diabetes management. It helps in lowering your blood pressure and allows you to maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces stress levels along with risk of heart disease.

You can do all kinds of exercises after consulting your doctor. Exercises may include weight training, cycling, gardening, dancing, golfing, swimming, walking or water aerobics among others.

Running at SunsetThere are three important facts factors that you need to consider while deciding your exercise routine. These factors include intensity of exercise, frequency of exercise and length of time.

Intensity is the key factor here. It is important that you do not put too much effort in to workouts at the beginning. You should start with moderate intensity exercises and increase the intensity level slowly when your body is better prepared to handle the higher intensity levels.

One of the ways to measure the intensity level is that you should be able to breathe comfortably while working out. You should stop immediately when you find it difficult to breathe.

Research has shown that high intensity training in short bursts offers maximum benefit. In this type of exercise, you warm up for the first few minutes followed by highly intense exercise for a short period of time which is then followed by mild exercise to help the body recover.